I’m a language creative, focused on helping people and companies reach their full potential. In my work I found the creative outlet that I'd been looking for since I was young. As a child, unable to draw anything more sophisticated than stick figures, I often resorted to writing epic stories about animals and magicians. Sometimes I would sit in the classroom, writing stories in the air with my finger and some invisible ink. 

After finishing my MA in literature, I started traveling. My passion for creating stories resulted in me working as a language freelancer (both in Dutch and in English). I became more and more interested in the creative side of language. I get excited about the differences and overlaps between different cultures and languages and get inspiration from the implicit messages we send when communicating. The words that people or companies choose to use and the way they communicate, show us a tiny part of their soul (or core values). It's that part exactly that I like to highlight when writing and editing a text.

I'm convinced that language can change almost any situation completely. The challenge lies in finding the right words that fit the situation and inspire the target audience.

I like the versatility of my work: one day I can be writing texts for a company, the next I'm transcribing an interview for a Dutch newspaper, or I spend my day translating a manual of some sort. I switch between Dutch and English (and sometimes Spanish) on a daily basis. This flexibility keeps me on my toes and always makes me curious about what my working day will look like tomorrow.